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Our Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to promote continuous growth in programs fostering horsemanship education, sponsor activities to encourage interscholastic participation and to have cooperative adult-supervised leadership (coaching) for all students in grades 6 through 12 who are desirous to participate regardless of race, creed or national origin and meet the Association rules and regulations (By-Laws).

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Our Goals

   Throughout Association leadership and coaching, it is our goal that the student members derive whatever enjoyment and benefits possible as a result of participating as riders in horsemanship education programs and interscholastic competition.


   The MIHA and Coaches will involve each equestrian student (male and female) to the extent possible in team competition. 

   The MIHA and Coaches will provide situations where each equestrian team member can be exposed to cooperative working experience that leads to common group goals. 

   The MIHA and Coaches will provide each equestrian team member with the opportunities to experience good leadership, fair play, horsemanship, sense of honesty, character, pride and good sportsmanship at all times.

   The MIHA and Coaches will always provide, conduct and host equestrian interscholastic programs with proper instructions, coaching methods, conditioning rules, health, safety and welfare of each participant.


2016-17 MIHA District 15 Officers

District Chairperson:  Michelle Goshorn

Assistant DC: Ted Goshorn 

(269) 209-5524